AS News Bureau

Repost is a news provider in Russian language, launched on the 21st of June, 2022, in order to create and curate independent news relevant to the Russian audience. Repost is owned by AS News Bureau in Estonia and its newsroom is located in Tallinn. The journalists are all Russian citizens.

AS News Bureau is owned by News Media Insamlingsstiftelse, a non-profit foundation in Sweden based in Stockholm. The foundation’s purpose is to “promote the establishment, financing or operation of journalistic activities in order to strengthen freedom of expression, freedom of the press and freedom of information in regions where the media and other publishers have had or having risk their freedom of expression, freedom of the press or freedom of information curtailed.”

The foundation stands for the journalism, that is unbiased, reflects diversity, is religiously independent and safeguards democracy, the equal value of all human beings and fundamental freedoms and rights. The foundation can also work in the spirit of the purpose by creating conditions for free media in various ways through education, training and opinion formation.

Repost aims for the highest of media ethics standards. The foundation that supports its reporting, is backed by donors such as the Swedish media group Bonnier News and the Norwegian newspaper group Amedia.

If you wish to contact News Media Insamlingsstiftelse, please reach out to:

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News Media Insamlingsstiftelse,
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